How Your Viewpoint of Religion Can Affect Art


How Viewpoint of religion can affect art.png

I have had an emotional few weeks. In 2015, I became a follower of God. I use that term because the word: “Christian” is a horrid stereotype, and I never did like the word much myself.  Anyway, I was away from God for the past two years, and just recently went back to it.

The only reason I bring this up on my art blog is not because I am trying to upset anyone, or convert, but because I realized some things about Art, that I wanted to share, and this is my art blog.

I just read a book my neighbor gave me: The Triumph of American Painting/ The History of Abstract Expressionism. As I was reading it, I noticed some things I never noticed about art before. How we paint, and what we are thinking about does match our beliefs. Since I believe in God, truthfully evil can slip right in, and put bad emotions on a canvas. I do not think I have had many pieces where that has happened yet, but I have to be mindful of that. If a person has a different religion, they would have to watch themselves in order  not to spread the wrong message.

I was upset to read that Rothko in the 1940’s liked Nietzsche, and was inspired to do pieces by him. Ugh, that makes me skin crawl now. Some other Artist, who was not that popular mentioned in the book, talked about ungodly things.  Several Artists have used their canvas to depict evil, or to rebel against God, and depending on your beliefs, that is not okay. It made me realize how art does represent life, and how very delicate the process of art is.

The Artist has a lot on them to paint what they are feeling. I have to be personally careful not to let evil come out. I threw out about three or four paintings, because I had fell to a deception I cannot talk about here, and painted with that in mind. So I pulled a few off the market because of it, to honor my faith.

Other than that, Art is a very creative expression, but is so much more deeper than anyone realizes. It is the very soul of us put to life, and people can be affected by it. They can see it, and it can change the way they look at something in life, or cause an emotion of upset that could make them spiral into a depression. I am now aware of this, now more than ever, and will carry this with me when I paint.

The other night, I finished a new painting I wanted to be bright and colorful,  but because I am emotionally upset by some things, I think both came out in odd ways. Take a look at this:


IMG_20191111_180616_hdr (1).jpg
Title: Mixed Feelings


I had several mixed feelings going on in this painting, just as the title says, and it showed. So it is what  a painting makes you feel, and that is very important and quite a responsibility for the Artist to make sure it is conveyed correctly. For anyone who is not an Artist, just know the pressure is extreme sometimes. I find I have to let go in order to paint. You have to trust the process, or you are terribly conflicted.  You do not want to fail, or mess up, and that will overpower any creativity you have. It is a strong experience, and not one to be taken lightly.

To purchase this painting go: here

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