The Story Behind My E-Book


I have wanted to be a Photographer since I was in my Twenties, but didn’t go after it until 2005, while living in Utah.  I started off playing around with food pictures, that actually looked good.

Two Strawberries
Copyright Jen Underwood 2004.


I was more interested in selfies, than anything because there’s always been a model in me, well there used to be, now that I am older, I feel less attractive. Anyway…

jenutah 466
Me in late 2004

I read up on Photographing and wanted hands on experience. You ever been in the perfect place, at the perfect time? I read sunsets and storms make the best pictures. So, I went out to the desert in Kuna, Idaho. It’s a place nobody knows exists, except a few. It is quiet, but the quiet is loud. Yes, you read right. Miles of desert grass, rocks, and low lying mountains off in the distance.

Light the Darkness
Small preview of a picture in my ebook. Give Credit if you like it, it is only 500 pixels, here. Copyright 2007, Jen Underwood

I went on a Friday in late August of 2007. A storm was brewing so I had the dark blue sky against the yellow desert grass. I saw a massive rainbow I could not fit into my frame. The sun poured light down, and dropped darkness at the foreground. I was a new Photographer, but this was a masterpiece. I snapped my best work during this shoot.

Wide Rainbow
Random photo I took of the great rainbow.


In the same place, later on, I cursed my way through a sinking sun. I tried too hard to photograph the moon with wretched results. You can’t have it all. Boise gave me the perfect dream of sweeping landscapes, high altitude created up close clouds, that were in your face.

Another random photo


There are three parks big ones in Boise: Ann Morrison, Julia Davis, and Albertsons. Then there’s the Train Depot, and the Botanical Gardens. I only was able to get some shots from the latter. Julia Davis had beautiful trees, so I included a shot in my book. Albertsons has a serene lake, Ann Morrison has the Boise River. I lost some shots of it, except this up close one.

Boise River Close Up
Copyright 2008, Jen Underwood

Prior to moving there, I lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I loved the trees, but sadly didn’t take many photos, It was hard to show the real majesty of how massive these trees were I saw every day. I have a unique shot of Multnomah Falls in my ebook, that is a wild place. A thin waterfall runs down a steep slope in layers.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Multnomah Falls, Oregon from the top view. Copyright 2005, Jen Underwood
Washington Park in Oregon, Japanese Gardens. Copyright Jen Underwood, 2006.

Astoria, Oregon was a strange place. The town seemed like the design was still in the 1950’s. The only nice view in this odd town was the Columbia River. I took a wide shot of it, in my book.

Then we drove to the Beach. In Oregon the ocean is ice cold. Nobody goes in it. In summer, it’s temps are in the fifties. My favorite place I filmed the most was Depoe Bay. There’s no beach but high cliffs. The sun on the Pacific glares so bright, you can’t see out there in the afternoon.So, I photographed the other end, away from the sun. Here is a free photo:

Depoe Bay, Oregon
Depoe Bay side view. Copyright Jen Underwood 2006

The Pacific Northwest is just stunning. You do not care about the rain at all! You wake up to soft rain, go to bed with it, it’s relaxing. Idaho was very sunny, and had wind so strong all the time, it was scary.

shadows on sidewalk
Out for a walk in 2008, in Boise. Flat and wide describes Idaho. Copyright Jen Underwood
ebook preview
Preview of a few photos in my E-book

To purchase my e-book, go to Here

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