How to Design A Room Around Artwork

Art in the home has become very popular. I wish people were more cerebral about it, but a lot of times it’s slapped on a wall with no thought.

Let me help you, by using my Art as examples. Color matching isn’t the most easiest thing, but if you can match one to two colors, that is close enough. 

Take the photo below. Gray matches blue, and black, so my painting: Seeing Clearly works well. Their are specks of yellow in the painting that compliment, as the green vases match this also.

My next painting below is: Blurring the Lines. A stark white would bring forth the colors more strongly. The blue vase on the table matches blue in th painting. Bright paintings need lite, airy rooms with white to stand out more.

Below is my painting: Speak. Yellow in the painting, you see in the throw pillow. All the colors compliment gray. This room is almost too traditional though to pull off an Abstract painting. The floor lamp gives a modern touch.

My last photo below, is my wood board painting: Contrast. This is a nautical themed piece, that is rustic, and mimics a landscape. The brown pops out, next to the blue, and works well on white, or cream walls.

So, mostly my Art works best in Transitional, Modern, and Contemporary spaces. Painted wood, depending on how it’s done can fit in more traditional rooms.

Let me go through my work, to show you more..


This painting also mimics a Landscape. Orange, blue, yellow, green, and white. Because the blue is a bit darker, opt to put it on white or pale blue walls. The orange can be put into a throw pillow, or a vase to help match the painting.

Mask of Feelings

This painting is wild, and also small so a hallway, or entryway, over a console table is where to hang small paintings. A Home office is also good for wilder works of Art. Again, always think contrast. If a painting is very light, put it on a dark wall, if its dark, put it on a lite wall. 

Raw Pain

Above, we see my painting. Just because it’s an emotional painting, doesn’t mean it has to be hidden. Look how well it goes in this room. Red and gray match, and the touch of gold does also.

This is one of my paintings I put on a wall in a photo. Blue and gray match. Yellow and gray match.


Gray is a popular color right now. Toned down shades like light gren, sage, muted and flat colors seem to be in style. 

When in doubt, just put Art on a white wall. White is very underrated and yet it’s powerful at making colors pop. 
Okay, so I have done my design talk. I like Design and have studied it personally, that is how I am able to give advice.

I can say though, as an Artist who wants her work to be appreciated, that you can always build a room around an art piece.

Don’t forget, Art is meaningful. I wrote this post to help others understand design, but in no way want my work to be an afterthought. It’s an Artist thing. 

Art should be a focal point of a room. Life is pretty bleak without it.
**These paintings are available currently, to check them out go here

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